About Our Sport

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful Sport that combines dance and gymnastics.  Gymnasts express themselves through movement using various hand apparatus such as Ribbon, Hoop, Ball, Rope and Scarves. 
No previous experience is needed.  Gymnasts learn Rhythmic Gymnastics skills that are created into group routines.   A group goal is a performance in a Provincial event called a Gymnastrada in the spring or our spring show.  We have recently added ACRO Gymnastics to our programs. In acro, gymnasts work on mats doing skills and drills to work towards cartwheels, walk-overs, balances, handstands etc. We also do group formations.

Rhythmic West classes include: warm-up, body technique, basic ballet, apparatus technique, routine practice, games and exploration time.  We build skills into a final performance for our spring show each year. 

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About Our Coaches

Head Coach
Heather Palmer is the founding Coach of Rhythmics West.  Heather is a certified NCCP Level 3 with over 30 years’ experience.  She is a Calgary teacher and the author of Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics, published by Human Kinetics 2003.  Heather also trains level 1 and 2 coaches. Her book was recently translated to Greek.

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Several other enthusiastic coaches round out our roster: